What’s the big deal about eating together?

The President’s Choice concept was developed by a talented group of food-inspired people who knew back in the mid-80s that Canadians deserved better quality food choices for their hard-earned dollars. The premise was simple: develop unique or superior products that offer a better value. Since then, PC has become known as one of Canada’s best-known trademarks–some of us may have noticed the brand this side of the border, too, on our local supermarket shelves.

A TV Ad? Evangelism?
Are you wondering why you should care?
Or, wondering how a food concept company has anything remotely to do with evangelism?

Well, under normal circumstances it might not, but this company’s new commercial certainly could–or should.

In honor of Canada’s 150th anniversary, President’s Choice produced a commercial and social media campaign based on this idea:

“When we eat together, good things happen. Whether it’s poutine, pad thai, paella, or pemmican. Nothing brings us together like eating together.”

Good marketing
Not unlike an ad campaign that Panera Bread released a number of years ago, the PC commercial suggests that something mysteriously wonderful happens when we take the time out to eat with each other. Or at least, it has that potential. And when it comes to sharing our faith and facilitating spiritual conversations with those who believe differently, we have to agree: eating together can set the stage for something wonderful to happen.

Jesus. The original marketer?
Jesus certainly knew what a good feast was all about–and it was in the eating–the breaking of bread and the sharing of a cup–that He revealed to His first disciples who He really was. Food and an ordinary meal was also what he chose to leave us with as a symbol of His great love. Take. Eat. 
Have me. Have more of me, he seemed to be saying. And when those first disciples did–and when we do–we each come to know Him in a way we had never before—as the Lamb of God.

Could the simple act of eating together begin to suggest all of what is contained in that Holy mystery?

Eating together
When it comes to breaking down the isolation and barriers that exist in today’s society so that we are even able to engage someone in the privilege of having a spiritual conversation with them, there may not be any better way to start than over a simple meal.

Eat with someone. Break bread.
Who might God be calling you to eat with?