Microwaves vs. crock-pots

As I travel, speaking to churches to help them become better at making disciples who make disciples, I’ve discovered something consistent: We really don’t know how to move in a way that starts small, grows slowly, and builds deep.

And regarding discipleship, for the most part I find that churches are so “into” their weekend worship experiences and big events that they rarely get around to encouraging the simplicity and intentionality of people walking alongside people.

But isn’t that actually what Jesus did?

Now, I’m not down on weekend worship or great events, but alone, they will simply not create disciples who make disciples.

Too often our focus betrays our belief that evangelism and discipleship happens quickly and that a 6-week sermon series or month-long Sunday School focus is enough.

But what if making disciple-makers is more like cooking at a low simmer rather than a rolling boil?

As a vital part of the church of Jesus, what can you do to change our culture from its attempts at cooking up discipleship way too quickly?

~Jeffrey Klein, Q Place National Church Partnership Director