A twilight zone of our own

Each episode of the old TV show The Twilight Zone began the same way: You are about to embark on a journey–a journey through sight and sound, into another dimension, The Twilight Zone.

The music would play and we’d sit, mesmerized, by some very strange things.

Today, many Christians feel like they’re in a “twilight zone” of their own: The Post-Christian Zone.

And to many of us it feels like a very strange place:

  • The morals and standards that we once assumed are now in question.
  • The Church as we know it is being pushed further and further to the edge.
  • Today, there are entire groups of people who don’t even attend church or approach life through any kind of religious framework.

No longer is there any common spiritual language. 

What are you doing to navigate the post-Christian zone so that you can effectively share the Gospel?

~Jeffrey Klein, Q Place National Church Partnership Director