Why get a new, updated edition of How to Start a Q Place?

We have learned a whole lot in six years, and the new edition of How to Start a Q Place—coming soon!—is your go-to place to start a brand new group!

The specifics?

All through the book you will see…

  • how to start up with a triad—the core for a strong, healthy group
  • the 9 Arts—for more and more meaningful conversations about God
  • more discussion options—such as our new, simple Bible Conversation cards—that may be a better starting point for a new group
  • a wealth of supplemental resources and how to tap into them
  • connections with our Starting a Q Place videos
  • next step options that are a better fit than ever

If your group has experienced God working through Scripture in your discussions, don’t keep it to yourself! People out there would love to be in a Q Place if there were more of them.

Who do you know who could start a new Q Place?

Think of…
Group members who have grown in their faith.
Young adult Christians you know who have millennial friends.
People in your church who have heard stories of your Q Place.
Yourself! You could start a brand new group!

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