Jesus 3:12

In our last edition of On Q, we announced Q Place’s recently launched strategy called Jesus 3:12 – a name reflective of Jesus’ circles of discipleship in His earthly ministry.

He chose the Twelve, but we also see Him interacting the most closely with a small circle of three. He consistently gave them a greater level accountability, transparency, and sharing in the revelation of truth. These three, Peter, James, and John, became core leaders in the earliest days of the Church as the Twelve were empowered to be His witnesses and spread the Kingdom of Jesus in people’s lives.

As we have thought about and envisioned Q Place ministries being built in churches, we realized that it will be a slow steady climb and a long journey. We also realize that, just like Jesus did, we will need to think big but begin small. We will also have to die to our fast moving kind of church culture and embrace the slow journey of walking alongside people, planting the DNA in their lives that will lead them to becoming disciple makers. We also realized that if we were going to ask pastors to walk alongside people, we would need to walk alongside them to help them “GET IT.”

So our Jesus 3:12 strategy has involved weekly phone meetings with leaders from a handful of churches. Each of the leaders pulled together a triad to walk through the process of starting a Q Place, and also a small group of around twelve people, including the triad, so that what the triad learned could be spread to the twelve and then multiplied in the community around each church.

This October, we will launch some more Jesus 3:12 communities with pastors and church leaders so that together we can learn what it means to build a ministry in their churches where people are continually making disciples. This version of Jesus 3:12 will include a new and improved curriculum and a strategy where pastors understand the information necessary for this kind of movement, they get to imitate others who are doing it successfully, and then they get to innovate in their own churches and make it work there.

As we select more churches to join us on Jesus 3:12 calls, if you would be interested in finding out more, please email Jeff Klein, Q Place National Church Partnership Director, at

Membership: Resources to Equip Christians and Multiply Q Places

At Q Place, we long to see Christians all over the world actively engaged in the Great Commission and churches growing through new people coming into the Kingdom. By God’s leading, we have an approach that is a great fit for people of a post-modern culture and we have an abundance of supportive resources. Yet we don’t envision becoming a huge organization in order to equip Christians to engage with people around them. Instead, our approach is to work through churches, so that they can bear the fruit of many lives changed—lives of members who are growing as Jesus’ disciples, and lives of people in their communities who come to know Jesus.

We realized several years ago that to equip Christians and churches well, we needed a way to make our valuable resources available for ready access without dependence on a staff person. That way, Q Places can multiply in areas without a Q Place staff person, and our dedicated staff members and catalysts also have ready access to the tools they need to leverage their ministries of walking alongside Christians and churches in their area.

All through the past year, with God’s provision of a generous grant, several gifted teams, and His constant guidance, we have built a membership resource that makes a variety of tools available 24-7 for all Christians and churches, no matter where they are located. There are three levels of membership resources—Free Resources (with many free tools and the ability to see what’s available through a paid membership), Qplus (for individuals), and Qplus church (for churches that want both church leader resources and Qplus membership for all church members).

The membership resources include features such as the full 36-module curriculum of The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations; Bible Conversation Cards that help ease groups into discussing the Bible; connections with videos for equipping and for sparking discussions about God; and dozens of resources that help groups get started, meet challenges, and grow.

One of the most valuable resources in membership is a series of videos of a real-life Q Place from the ground up. Over the last year when we have shown these videos at our regional VITAL events, the impact has been tremendous. One participant commented, “This is doable. Seeing three people walk through it…. We could sense the Spirit, see the hunger, imagine the kingdom advancing.” Another one shared, “My biggest takeaway from VITAL was clearer info on what a Q Place looks like. My triad has been meeting for a few months but have felt like we need to SEE it. We did the 9 Arts curriculum and the How to Start a Q Place book, but the visual cinched it. Please put that video on your web site…. It may be your best new resource.”

In addition to the web-based resources, membership also provides access to our Initiator Forum, which will officially launch on September 28. The Initiator Forum is a weekly live phone call with a Q Place catalyst who presents a key topic or theme each week and then provides an open Q&A time for initiators so that they can address current concerns in the process of starting or sustaining a Q Place.

Through September 18, all Qplus and Qplus church memberships are available at 50% off, using the coupon code WelcomeBack50 at checkout.