In March we launched a new pilot church strategy based on what Jesus modeled in the context of His relationship with three of the twelve apostles: Peter, James and John. Even in the most intense time of His preparation for the cross, Jesus worked intentionally and specifically with these three, showing them the way to follow Him.

We’re calling this strategy “Jesus 3:12.”

Just like Jesus did, we believe that a powerful way to make disciples relationally is to start with a triad—three committed followers of Jesus who spend time praying together, growing together in the Word, and taking action to serve together. A triad forms a strong core as they select and walk alongside a handful of others in their journey of discovery.

So we’re currently working with six churches who have each formed a core leadership triad. Each of these triads will coach and support a group of twelve, who will, in turn, establish triads and start Q Places. It has been fascinating! In weekly conference calls, church leaders have been growing and learning together in a twelve-week process guided by Mary Schaller, John Crilly, and some of our regional directors. The Ways of the Alongsider, a valuable book by Bill Mowry, has provided the foundation for discussions, discoveries, and accountability as we have learned anew and come to truly believe how each one of us can be involved in making disciples.

We are excited to see what will come as a result of this purposeful time! Our goal? That six or more Q Places will form in each of these six churches within nine months. Please pray for what the Lord will do! And stay tuned!

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  1. Darrell Gieschen

    I’m very interested in getting more training myself and getting some of the members of my home congregation trained. I am currently on the Board of Christian Education (i.e. Bd. of Christian Growth) at my home congregation and actively involved in the LCMS “72” (from Luke 10) – a Church Outreach, Withnessing & Revitalization ministry. I think the application in each of these is very obvious.

    I am currently going through the “Beyond the Basics” spiral bound book; periodically checking your website, and am wondering when the next “VITAL” is happening near Wisconsin. I know your National Hdqtrs. is in Illinois and would be willing to drive there. I am a retired independent contract safety trainer, so I am very comfortable leading small to large groups.

    Any information or additional direction would be helpful.

    Thanks, —Darrell Gieschen

    • Sydney from Q Place

      Darrell, love your interest in receiving more training in these areas. If you would contact Jeff Klein, our Midwest Regional Director, at or call him at 1-800-369-0307, he would be glad to talk with you more about this.