Every year Q Place holds a 3-day event specifically for Q Place Catalysts. Called “Revitalize,” this event is designed to recharge our Catalysts and to inform them about the most recent Q Place developments. On April 16-18, about 40 Catalysts attended, and many described this year’s event as “the best one ever.”

The dictionary defines a “catalyst” as a person who precipitates an event or change. It goes on to say that a catalyst’s talk, enthusiasm, or energy creates the proper conditions for that change. Q Place Catalysts fit this definition perfectly because wherever they go, the winds of change begin to blow as Christians are called and empowered to get involved in the Great Commission.

Revitalize brings our Catalysts together so that they can go out with renewed connections, equipping, and enthusiasm. The event began on Thursday evening with an animated icebreaker led by our West Regional Leader, Dave Chae. After helping us get to know each other better, Dave asked us all to reflect on the awesome things that God has been doing in and through the ministry of Q Place. In the challenge of ministry, it’s easy to lose sight of what God is doing right in your midst, and Catalysts encouraged each other greatly with an abundance of stories.

The next morning, Mary Schaller led a spirited game of “Jeopardy.” The board was filled with categories that represented important information about Q Place, and each team attempted to be the first to jump up, and—in proper Q Place fashion—provide the right question to each answer. The categories included Mission/Vision/Values, People, Resources, Ministry Partners, Qplus Membership, Jesus 3:12, and Walk the Way.

The rest of that day was filled with a close look at new developments in the ministry that will become an integral part of resources available for Catalysts as they spread Q Place to more churches and individuals. These resources include the new Qplus memberships and the Jesus 3:12 strategy in helping churches launch Q Place ministries.

On Saturday morning, the regions met separately to share ideas and then pray for the staff and Catalysts of that region. After a wrap-up of Q&A all together as a group, the prayer team led a time of seeking the Lord together.

Flavia Burrell, our Prayer Team Leader, shared a solemn warning to be vigilant about enemy attacks on Q Place, and then led a time of confession and affirmation, followed by taking the Lord’s Supper together.

One Catalyst summed it up well: “I came home so filled with hope and encouragement. The vision, information, and prayers empowered me in new ways. I was given a new sense of boldness and confidence. I especially appreciated the times of prayer, confession and affirmation. I have a greater commitment to pray for all of Q Place in new ways.”

Praise God!