This is Walk the Way. Brought to you by Q Place. I’m Jeff Klein.

This little book has been around forever: The Master Plan of Evangelism. It’s basically the story of how Jesus built a movement of the Kingdom through twelve ordinary lives.

One of the principles He employed was selection. Jesus didn’t put out a general announcement asking who might want to follow him; He didn’t put out a general invite to the crowd. No, Jesus selected those He wanted. He prayed through the night, then went and found them those who God directed Him to, and invited them to follow Him.

How well are we doing at following Jesus’ example?

Or, is most of our “discipleship” putting out a big call, hoping to find some willing participants in our program?

What if, instead, we got intentional?
What if we prayed and then selected those that we felt God had us uniquely in relationship with?

Would we see more fruit from our efforts?

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