On the Radio – Walk the Way

This is Walk the Way. Brought to you by Q Place. I’m Jeff Klein.

My brother Scott loves sports and competition. His competitive nature and his over the top athletic ability earns him a lot of respect with guys who are athletes.

And although he’s not a professional—I’ll do a little big-brother-bragging here—Scott has been inducted into the National Softball Hall of Fame and is invited to play on all kinds of teams and in many different venues.

These opportunities have put him in relationships with many others who don’t know Jesus.

Yet, despite his competitive nature, Scott’s heart wants to see his friends get to know the Savior he knows, and recently Scott and his friend Mike started a spiritual conversation group for a bunch of these guys where they can openly explore the idea of God.

My brother is using the way that God uniquely made him— and the circumstances He has allowed him to be in—to love others for Jesus.

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