On the radio this week–Walk the Way

This is Walk the Way, brought to you by Q Place, I’m Jeff Klein.

My oldest son, Benjamin, has a fiercely independent spirit. Because of that, he often learns his lessons in life the hard way. Then it seems, and only then, Ben’s behavior changes. He is wired to learn by experience.

How are you wired?

When it comes to matters of faith, the Hebrews believed in experiencing faith. For them, action, practice and “walking the talk” was actually what changed a person. Experience was the thing that rooted and deepened belief. Then the heart would follow.

So, if this is true, when it comes to getting involved in the mission of God, maybe we should just try doing something!

What if we just tried something in Jesus’ name?

Maybe our actions would give us an experience that would change the way we believed.

Maybe taking action would take away our fear and complacency.

What can you do to start training, walking, and practicing?

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