34 Tampa Churches Explore Q Place!

On March 21, Claudia Williams, our National Church Support Leader, and I looked out to more than eighty church leaders on the conference grounds of the Tampa Bay Baptist Association. We had been invited to a Pastors’ Lunch & Learn, a steak dinner event held several Mondays a year for fellowship, networking, and learning about new ministry opportunities. And we were ready to explain the “Why and What” of Q Place!

How did Q Place get to Tampa Bay, Florida?

The Tampa Bay Baptist Association is committed to helping pastors make disciples who make disciples, wholeheartedly embracing the concept of coming alongside pastors, leaders, and churches to more effectively fulfill the Great Commission in Tampa Bay and beyond.

So when the association’s director, Mike Kahn, heard about Q Place, he took notice! Mike and I had a number of phone conversations that led to a proposal for implementing Q Place in Southern Florida. And then Mike invited us to come to Tampa for this Lunch & Learn event.

At the conference grounds the dinner was amazing—16 oz steaks with all the fixins!—but I was really stoked to explain Q Place’s approach that could help these church pastors make disciples who make disciples. When the meeting ended, 34 of them wanted to know more!

Over the next week, Claudia and I hosted a number of video conference calls. We explained the “How” of Q Place, answering questions and talking strategy with these pastors and leaders. Then we challenged them to commit to making Q Place a part of the DNA of their churches.

Mike Kahn has set the bar high. His goal? Ten churches on the journey with Q Place! Mike’s hope is that the Tampa Bay Baptist Association will be the first of many ways to implement Q Place in southern Florida. So far six churches within that group have said yes!

We can’t wait to see what our great God will accomplish!

Jeff Klein
National Field Director

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  1. Richard Porter

    I was at the Tampa Bay Baptist Association meeting and the steaks were great but the message greater. Jeff did a great presentation about QPlace so we look forward to the churches growing in reaching those outside their walls.