On the Radio – Walk the Way

This is Walk the Way. Brought to you by Q Place. I’m Jeff Klein.

When I was a young youth pastor, I was having a hard time getting my kids to be authentic and really engage with their faith.

Time came for our winter retreat. I decided to show one of my favorite movies from my day, “The Breakfast Club,” which explores teenage identity and asks the question, “who are you?”

When the film ended, I allowed it to sink in and proceeded to ask one question: “The movie presented a brain, a jock, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal. Which one are you and why?”

Then came the pregnant silence before one girl began to speak about why she was the basket case. Her emotional authenticity unlocked the others as they joined the sharing.

And soon it became obvious that one question had facilitated a realization that they were all hiding from each other.

By the time the night was over, our group had discovered its identity as followers of Jesus.

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