Q Place has partnered with The Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College (BGCE) to launch and develop a YouTube channel which will equip and inspire Christian leaders in all levels and sectors of society to prioritize gospel witness. The channel, named ReKindle: Engaging Gospel Conversations, will feature key evangelism and church leaders speaking into a variety of issues related to gospel witness. The 5-10-minute training videos published two times per month will cover topics such as helping pastors equip their churches in an evangelism lifestyle, integrating the gospel in various workplace settings, using culture, sports, and the arts as entry points to the gospel, and parenting with evangelism in mind.

Q Place began discussing this concept with the BGCE in January, 2015. The vision of the project is to see Christian leaders and their organizations increasingly engaging others in gospel conversations. The mission is to equip and inspire Christian leaders through online resources to engage in gospel conversations. The audience is Christian leaders who want to fulfill the Great Commission.

Throughout the summer John Crilly worked closely with Laurie Nichols, the BGCE Director of Communications, to plan the launch strategy, establish social media promotions, recruit leaders to create videos, and produce eight videos. The channel was launched September 1, 2015, with an overview series featuring Dr. Ed Stetzer, president of Lifeway Research; Sam Kim, pastor of 180 Church NYC; York Moore, national evangelist with InterVarsity USA; Skip Vaccarello, businessman and author of Finding God in Silicon Valley; and Laurel Bunker, campus pastor and dean of campus ministries at Bethel University. To date, there have been over 1700 views of 17 different videos, including the ten videos on The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations.

VITAL: SF East Bay

With VITAL: Denver in the books, our sights are set on VITAL: SF East Bay! We are excited to be partnering with an amazing group of staff and volunteers to bring VITAL back to the San Francisco Bay Area. This regional conference is taking place in three short weeks on Thursday, October 22, at Community Presbyterian Church in Danville, CA. With our current registration numbers, it is poised to be one of the largest conferences we have done. Churches are registering large groups from their congregations with the expectation of training initiators and launching Q Places post-VITAL. Click here more information about VITAL: SF East Bay!

The evening before the VITAL conference, Q Place is partnering with Fremont Community Church for an event called VITAL Work. This 2-hour event is geared toward Christians in the marketplace who are interested in learning how to engage in spiritual conversations with their colleagues and bosses. This is a free event and is structured as a panel discussion. Click here to find out more and to register!

National Lead Team Meeting

Every quarter the Q Place National Lead Team gathers in person to connect, refocus, set plans for the next few months, and encourage each another. In September we were privileged to have a friend of the ministry, Scott West, a financial advising consultant, come to our quarterly meeting and facilitate a personality assessment as a team-building exercise. While many of us had taken personality tests previously and were not surprised by our results, it was intriguing to see where all of the members of the team landed among the four categories. It was also encouraging to see an even spread of personalities among the Q Place staff. It is almost like God knew what He was doing when He brought each one of us to the team! Knowing how you and the other members of your team operate in a work environment goes a long way in contributing to the health of a workplace culture, and we are excited to put our new knowledge of one another to good use!


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  1. John

    Thanks to the BGCE for partnering with us! We are all better together!