Today’s blog is a bit different than usual.

As Jeff Klein, our National Church Partnership Director, sat down to begin writing a bit about “Intersections,” he realized that he was pretty much reflecting on many of the same thoughts he’d spoken about in a video some time ago that was produced by Walk the Way before it officially became part of the Q Place family. That’s when Jeff asked me if I thought it would be “cool” to show that instead of having him write it all down. As the On Q Editor, I agreed that, indeed, posting a video blog would be “cool” –a refreshing twist from the way we usually present our great content– and, as his wife, I thought, it’s kind of fun he has to ask my permission! But more importantly? It’s “cool” because the piece resonates so deeply with the heart of Q Place.

So just like you have to pause and stop at an intersection before proceeding through, it’s our hope that pausing and stopping to watch this five-minute video will help you proceed with intentionality and a new awareness as you experience countless intersections today.

Pamela Klein

On Q Editor