The classic movie, Oliver, is one of my favorites; especially because of that famous scene in which young Oliver Twist holds his bowl in front of his face and dares to ask the scowling Mr. Bumble for more porridge.

“Please, sir, I want some more.”

At Q Place we believe the spiritually hungry are often like Oliver, longing for something substantial to fill the emptiness inside, but what they experience from Christians is similar to what Oliver did with Mr. Bumble. They are often met with a suspicious gaze, dished up with an unsolicited Gospel presentation and not met at their point of need. We’re working to change that, empowering twenty-first century Christ-followers, instead, to engage people in the questions they are really asking, moving away from a structured,  presentational approach in sharing their faith, and embrace a lifestyle marked by simple actions of faith that translate into meaningful interactions about God with those who believe differently than they do. And in the first quarter of 2015, we’ve seen the pace of our ministry accelerate dramatically as we’ve strived to increase our impact for His glory.

God has been at work in many and mighty ways! We’ve had regional VITAL events in four different parts of the country, written a book manuscript on The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations, launched our Jesus 3:12 pilot strategy with churches, provided ongoing support for three established regions and a growing number of volunteers, prepared resources and web structure to launch our new Qplus memberships, integrated the Walk the Way radio program into Q Place, and converted to a new database system to support increased growth.

I encourage you to follow Q Place closely as each of these areas of our ministry grows! Each of them will help all of us together to demonstrate to the world’s Olivers, that, Yes, there is lots more! There is another way to forge a pathway to faith for those who believe differently and Q Place will continue to provide the resources, inspiration and information to do so.

Deeply grateful for God’s sustenance and faithfulness.

And for you, 

Schaller informal

Mary Schaller