Imagine turning on your favorite Christian radio station as you commute home or opening a daily email because you subscribed, and hearing a “brought to you from Q-Place” one-minute challenge encouraging you and believers everywhere to interact with people in ways that help them see Jesus. Guess what? This is now reality! Here’s how it happened and what it means to you:

For the past eight years, Jeff Klein, the Midwest Regional Leader for Q Place, and his wife, Pam, have written, produced, and recorded a daily one-minute radio spot called Walk the Way. Walk the Way encourages Christians not just to talk about their faith in Jesus but challenges them to live the way that He did—noticing people, praying for them, listening to them, asking them good questions, loving them, welcoming them, facilitating good discussions, serving together with them, and sharing the good news with them. Every day, each unique message can be summarized this way: “Actions speak louder.”

Several months ago, an unexpected opportunity opened up for Q Place to become the new sponsor of Walk the Way. There was no doubt that the mission of Walk the Way and the mission of Q Place were closely aligned, and time in prayer confirmed that God was providing this way to increase the visibility of Q Place so that many more Christians will begin to engage in ongoing discussions about God with people who believe differently. In January of 2015, Q Place officially adopted Walk the Way.

Walk the Way airs on more than 700 stations across the U.S.! The potential reach for the Kingdom is staggering, with a population coverage of 95,209,924; a minimum audience reach of 952,099; and estimated monthly audience impressions of 23,802,481.

Through the years that Walk the Way has aired on the radio, an active Facebook community has grown alongside the show. Now a small Q Place team regularly posts and encourages spiritual conversations among this 28,000+ member group. Check it out at As you “like” the posts on the Facebook page, comment on them, and share them, more and more people can begin to discover the practices that lead naturally to ongoing conversations about life, God, and the Bible.

We are glad for this opportunity to come alongside you with this great content! In addition to hearing it on the radio, you can subscribe to have Q Place’s Walk the Way emailed directly to you, find it on, or go to our blog every Friday to listen, read its text for your own encouragement and ask for it on your own local station. Any post from the Walk the Way Facebook page or any Friday “On the Radio” blog is a great thing to share with others you would love to see on the Q Place journey!