On the Radio – Walk the Way

I think most of us would acknowledge that Jesus was the most righteous man to ever live.

I think we’d also agree that Jesus very easily built relationships with people who were broken and far from God.

The book of Matthew reports He was called a friend of sinners.

But wouldn’t lost and broken people be put off by the most righteous person to ever live?

No, the opposite was true.

Consider this: We’re supposed to live like Jesus lived. Yet when we consider being a “friend of sinners,” we often fear that being a friend “makes it seem like I’m in agreement” or that I’m condoning someone’s behavior.

On the other hand, not being a friend is seen as condemnation.

But what if we could choose a middle ground? Although Jesus often invited people to a new way of living, eating with a sinner seemed to be one of His top ways of doing so.

Just be a friend.

For more on how you can, check out QPlace.com/walktheway.


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