This is Walk the Way, brought to you by Q Place, I’m Jeff Klein.

I met a couple in Detroit Michigan who wanted me to know their faith story – how they became followers of Jesus.

It turns out that their neighbors had regularly prayed for what was at the time, the empty lot next door. Someday, a house would be built there and new people moving in.

People they didn’t even know.

Those neighbors prayed for their future neighbors, that they would be receptive to the Gospel of Christ, that they could begin a relationship and become friends.

The couple I met, who wanted to share their faith story, became those people.

Prayer opened the way for their relationship with Christ to begin.


What if each follower of Jesus made that kind of prayer our practice? Prayers for our literal and figurative neighbors, asking God to open the way to salvation in their lives and hearts.

Who do you need to start praying for today?


Become part of someone’s faith story. Listen here so that you can Walk the Way by praying!

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