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This is Walk the Way. Brought to you by Q Place. I’m Jeff Klein.

Did you hear about this? It was all over social media.

Apparently, there was a father at an airline ticket counter who had planned on flying with his child in his lap. But between the time he had purchased the ticket and the time of their actual flight, the child had turned two.

And kids over two need their own seat. But that additional ticket was going to cost about seven hundred and fifty dollars.

The man couldn’t do it. He couldn’t afford it. And his emotions overtook him. That’s when a woman who was at the same ticket counter and heard the whole exchange, stepped in and bought the ticket.

No one could believe it. The agent said that she had goose bumps as the shocked man hugged the woman, asking how he could repay her.

Of course the story went viral. Noticing and loving get people’s attention.

Noticing and loving look lots like Jesus.

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