On the Radio this week – Walk the Way

This is Walk the Way, brought to you by Q Place, I’m Jeff Klein.  And I’m Pam Klein.

In light of recent events that have happened around the world and in our own country, people are once again asking a myriad of questions.

So you say there’s a God?man-person-people-train3
Is your God the same God as my God?
Why does God allow evil and hate?

How should I respond? Or these:

Who do I need to be afraid of?
Will violence ever stop?
What does peace look like?

In many ways, these questions aren’t new–they’ve been asked in countless ways, by countless people, in one way or another for many, many years. And this side of Heaven, we may not have all the answers.

But I’d like to suggest that more than presenting a challenge for us, good questions provide us with an incredible opportunity to enter into conversation.

In times like we’re experiencing now, how would it look for us to see questions as opportunities for spiritual dialogue?

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