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This is Walk the Way, brought to you by Q Place, I’m Jeff Klein.

In ancient Israel, the entrances to the walled-in cities of the day, the city gates, served as more than mere entryways—they were literal places of people connection, interaction and exchange.

The city gate was a real place where outsiders met insiders. At the city gate, those who lived in outlying areas had access to what the city offered.

What a great image for the church. And I think maybe this is what we imagined when we created our modern day church buildings.

But too many times the building becomes the thing. The structure is known as the church, instead of the people who are the church. We forget that church was supposed to be like a city gate where the inside people connected, interacted and exchanged with those from the outside.

How often do we go to church and forget we are the church?

What would begin to happen if we stopped thinking of our buildings as the entryways, but as ourselves as an entryway?

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